Case study

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Issue description:

  • Profiles on maps required interference and guidance
  • lack of control over the brand on Google maps
  • lack of up-to-date information about the offer

Objectives set:

  • To improve the appearance of Profiles and image on maps, to adapt to the brand's communication style
  • increase the number of visits to restaurants and the website

Actions taken:

  • technical optimisation of Profiles and improvement of the Profiles' appearance to increase their visibility
  • implementation of a new feature in the application, which informed about new photos
  • published by users
  • ongoing maintenance and monitoring of feedback and questions (Q&A)
  • publishing an offer on a regular basis to increase customer engagement

Monitoring progress:

  • we implemented analytics in Profiles so we could measure the effectiveness of traffic from the map to the website
  • Regular reporting of effects and comparison with historical data


(Google) users are 3x more likely to click on the restaurant company’s Profiles than on Google ads (data from 1 June 2022 vs. 13 October 2022)

collectively, all google / maps sources generated 3x more sessions and 85% more transactions for the same period than CPC campaigns

only the main website link added to the Company Profile on Google maps generated 118% more sessions to kfc.co.uk than the 2 CPC campaigns combined over the same time period.


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Credit Agricole

A bank with more than 20 years of experience on the Polish market, covering the areas of retail, corporate, agricultural and small and medium-sized business banking. One of the most highly recommended banks in Poland. It is a client conscious and committed to the development of Profiles, devoting considerable attention to its presence on the Google platform.


EuroMediCare is an international network of hospitals and outpatient clinics of Penta Hospitals International, which belongs to the EMC Group. One cluster includes 1 specialist hospital and 10 outpatient clinics. The company provides medical care of the highest quality and is committed to professional patient care.


Zegarki.co.uk has a network of 7 boutiques selling branded watches and accessories, where customers with different budgets can benefit from professional advice and top-quality service. The company also sells online.


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