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Google Business Profiles opinion growth ranking of selected banks in Q2 2023

Ranking przyrostu opinii na GBP

Within the banking sector, an impeccable reputation and a positive image are worth their weight in gold, and the loss of a good name can result in a definite exodus of customers. However, are the banks that operate in Poland aware of the power that online recommendations have these days and do they take care of their Google Business Profiles? We have verified this on the example of four of them, taking PKO Bank Polski, PEKAO, Credit Agricole and Santander into consideration.

Why is a good Google Business Profile so important?

Each year, more and more bank branches are disappearing from the map of Poland. According to data from Inteliace Research, the number of stationary branches in Q1 2023 fell below 10,000 for the first time in 25 years. As recently as 2020, there were 12,500, so the number of stationary bank branches has decreased by more than 2,600 in the last 36 months. There are several reasons for this condition. Firstly, the development of online and mobile banking, which allows customers to do most things remotely, without leaving home. Secondly, the running of stationary branches requires large financial outlays, so in order to optimise costs, banks are closing some branches. Most often those that are the least profitable or visited by few customers.

Why do consumers avoid some branches when there is already a queue for others? Sometimes it is simply due to the bad location of the outlet, but in many cases it is due to a lack of trust in the location, unprofessional service or long waiting times. In the digital age, people do not choose a bank branch at random, but before visiting, they look for reviews of the bank on the internet – usually on Google. If a bank has a large number of positive reviews/feedback on its business card (Google Business Profile) and responds sensitively to the few negative reviews and engages in dialogue with the reviewer, there is a greater chance that a new customer will choose this branch over others in the area. So do the banks operating in Poland take care of their Business Profiles, keep them updated and, most importantly, motivate consumers to leave reviews? This is not always the case, but the big players are also beginning to succeed in this area.

PKO Bank Polski, PEKAO, Credit Agricole and Santander – analysis of opinions in Q2 2023

We have used our know-how, including our proprietary solution for data acquisition and profile positioning in Google Business Cards – the application – to prepare an analysis of opinions on selected banks in Q2 2023. How do the results of the survey present themselves?

Number of opinions:

  • the undisputed leader in terms of the number of reviews attracted throughout the quarter was PKO Bank Polski, with a total of over 10,000 reviews over the three months, an average of 3 new reviews per outlet per month,
  • in April, Bank PEKAO was in second place with an average of 4 reviews per branch, but in May and June it recorded results lower by around 500 than in April and an average of 3 reviews per branch, thus falling to third place in our ranking,
  • Credit Agricole Bank, which started the quarter in third place for attracting 1,575 reviews, received slightly more reviews in the following two months and thus moved up to second place on the podium, maintaining an average of approx. 4 reviews per outlet per month,
  • Santander lagged far behind the competition and only attracted 345 reviews in April, but each successive month brought a definite improvement in the score – in May it received an average of 2 reviews per outlet and in June it reached almost 3 reviews per outlet.

Average rating:

  • all the banks that were analysed started Q2 2023 with an average score above 4, which is a very good result and says a lot about their service standards,
  • in April and May, the leader was Bank Credit Agricole with scores of 4.81 and 4.85, but in June it recorded a drop in its rating to 4.77 and was overtaken by PKO BP, which had previously held the second position, by literally a hair (0.01),
  • third place throughout the quarter consistently belonged to Bank PEKAO, which scored 4.76 in April, but then slightly lowered its flights and ended June with a score of 4.61,
  • Santander was the only bank to improve its performance in the following months and from an average of 4.15 in April it reached 4.54 in June.

Is the banking sector exploiting the potential of Google Business Profiles?

Google Business Profiles are a valuable channel for communicating with customers, as they are the first to catch the attention of people looking for information about a brand on the internet. Unfortunately, there are still very few businesses that take advantage of this potential and do not encourage their customers to leave reviews, do not moderate them or do so in a very unbalanced, not well thought-out way. For banks, the situation looks quite hopeful. Our analysis shows that some of them have done their homework on managing their Company Profile and can boast a high volume of reviews, a high average rating and an appropriate response to the occasional negative comments. Others, unfortunately, have a lot of catching up to do in this respect, as they are definitely losing out to their competitors in terms of both the number and quality of reviews appearing on the Google Business Profile.

Managing a large network of Google Business Profiles is now easier than ever. Dedicated tools available on the market not only help to keep contact information up-to-date, but also to react quickly to signals of dissatisfaction from customers. For the person who reads the opinions of others on the Business Profile the way a brand has dealt with negative comments makes a big difference in the decision to visit. 

Ongoing, organic sourcing of feedback is key, but don’t forget the opportunities available to companies in terms of using customer insights to activate customers to share their opinion after a visit. In our experience, a great many customers are eager to share feedback, but if they are not reminded of this opportunity, they simply will not do so. Michał Byrczek, Digital Communication Manager at Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A.

Are you a representative of one of the banks presented above and want to know detailed data, also on a weekly basis? Contact us! We are also open to talking to other representatives of the banking sector. We would be happy to help you better manage your brand’s Google Business Profile. We will take care of a consistent image for your business, enable efficient and good customer contact and, most importantly, deliver real profits with a little effort.

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Report: Number of banking outlets – Q1 2023 – Business Pulse –

More than 400 bank outlets lost during the year. However, the employment rate increased –

Number of bank outlets fell to 9,800, the least in 25 years –


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