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Issues with opening new outlets on Google maps – effective solutions through growAp

Otwieranie nowych loklizacji

Since Google Maps has become the first stop for many customers, the accurate tagging of each business and service outlet has become increasingly important. Unfortunately, the process of adding new Business Profiles seems to be frustrating and time-consuming. If you are the owner or manager of a business card network on Google Maps, you have probably experienced this more than once.

In this article, you will find a discussion of the problems encountered when opening new outlets on Maps. You will get to see how the growAp app meets the needs of businesses large and small. You will also learn how this modern service allows you to effectively tag and manage business cards belonging to your corporate network.

Creating new Business Profiles (formerly Google My Business)? It’s not that easy!

If you manage a network of Business Profiles and want to tag a new outlet on the maps, you are faced with a number of challenges. Some are related to technical issues, such as getting the new data to match the existing Profiles. Other problems are related to the verification procedure, especially as you have no influence on what method Google Support will designate.

Besides, it can take a long time before changes are officially approved and visible to users. Such a delay can be disheartening, especially if the new location is important to your business.

Have you ever wondered why you cannot set up a Business Profile on Google (formerly: Google My Business card)? Well, the solution to any of the above problems requires both patience and a good understanding of how Google Profiles work. You will read more about this below. You will also learn about a modern service that makes it easy to manage hundreds of business cards at once.

How does the verification of a new Google Business Profile work?

Single Profile Verification – solution for networks of less than 10 locations

Businesses managing a small network (less than 10 locations) can mark new outlets on Maps using the Business Profile Manager. Simply open the Profile in Google Search, then click on the menu with the 3 dots and select “Add new business profile”.

adding a new company to google business profile

The next steps are similar to creating a first business card. The owner must specify the name of the premises, its location and enter the remaining data. Verification is an integral part of the process. Google support chooses the verification method itself. This can be a code sent on a postcard, an SMS or e-mail code, a phone call or a video call with a consultant.

new google business profile verification
google business profile video verification method
google business profile phone number verification method

Bulk verification, i.e. the rapid creation of multiple Business Profiles within a single network

While adding a single Profile seems to be trivial, this method has its limitations. It is accessible to companies that operate in a small area and manage fewer than 10 sites. Managers in larger companies benefit from an alternative tool – bulk verification.

Bulk verification is a solution designed for large companies that have multiple outlets and operate on a wider scale. Quickly creating multiple Profiles at once is convenient and efficient, although not always easy.

– Remember! If you want to add new Profiles quickly, you should use a verified Google account associated with an email address on your domain ([email protected]).

How does group verification proceed? You can submit a personal user account or a previously created corporate group. The verification process will include all Profiles associated with the submitted account or group. Before you begin the verification process, you should verify that your account meets the requirements listed in the Google Help Center. How do I do this?

  • Assign at least 10 Profiles of the same business to the selected account. They cannot belong to someone other than the account owner or the business group. Remember that Profiles that are suspended, deactivated or marked as duplicates do not fall into this limit.
  • The number of Profiles added to an account is intended to accurately reflect the size of the business. To put it another way, you should assign all the Profiles you want to manage to your account and you cannot omit any location. Google Support may ask you to prove if the size of your business differs from the number of Profiles submitted for aggregate verification.
  • Make sure that the business does not provide services only in a specific area. This should be clearly indicated by the location of individual Profiles.
  • If error messages appear in your account, resolve technical issues before proceeding with verification. Common errors may include the presence of forbidden characters, incorrect formatting, inaccurate address data or geographical coordinates, errors related to images, etc.

Once you have verified that the account associated with the Business Profiles meets these requirements, you can send a request for bulk verification. To do this:

1. Log in to the Business Profile Manager on your computer.

2. on the left-hand side, click “Verifications” and then “Network”.

google business profile verification

3 Fill in the form with the name of the business, regions of activity, names of account managers and other details.

creating a new company profile on google business

4 Submit the form and wait for a decision from the technical service on the verification method.

Regardless of the type of account submitted for bulk verification, Google Support is very meticulous about verifying the rights to manage the business card.

It is worth remembering that Google’s technical department itself chooses the method of confirming Profile rights. Although these safeguards are positively perceived by Internet users, the same cannot be said of the perceptions of managers. Successful completion of the verification process sometimes requires a great deal of patience. The importance of being meticulous with every click is demonstrated by the following description of the most common problems.

​​The most common problems with setting up a Business Profile on Google

Obstacle 1: Prolonged waiting for a response from Google Support

Managers encounter various errors when adding a new Profile to the web. These may involve the visibility of the business card, the wrong route to get there, the presentation of misleading images or inaccurate or sometimes even completely false data.

In such cases, the helpdesk’s intervention is essential. According to the experience of our specialists, it can take up to seven working days from the time the issue is reported to its resolution. The precise time to wait for a response from Google consultants depends, among other things, on the type of account to which the business card has been assigned and the verification method chosen by Support.

Obstacle 2: Incomplete information provided when adding new locations

When creating a Profile for a newly created outlet, a range of information must be provided. These include: shop code and category, company name and address, main telephone number and website address. If this data is incomplete, changes to Google Maps will only be published after the deficiencies have been rectified, i.e. with a long delay.

Obstacle 3: Inconsistent or outdated business data

Adding a new location to an existing company group requires consistency in its name and category. Consistency of information is very important, especially in the case of a dense network of locations located in the same area. Any inconsistency may cause Google to flag one of the outlets as a duplicate.

The need for regular updates should also not be underestimated. Each outlet’s information, such as its address, opening hours, available products or services, or news of temporary closures, should be kept up-to-date so as not to confuse customers.

Overcoming problems alone – can you afford it?

A number of businesses have struggled with at least one of the above-mentioned problems. We don’t mean to say that waiting for Support to react, renewed emails and annoying technical errors are insurmountable obstacles. All of these can be dealt with, but is it worth it to act on your own?

“Time is money” – the saying is even more powerful in e-commerce. Even a brief lapse in Profile visibility can mean a huge loss, as almost every user starts their search for a retailer with Google Maps. In other words, if you are running a large business with an extensive network of company outlets, trying to solve problems on your own can be very expensive.

The largest businesses on the market use comprehensive tools to manage Business Profiles. The growAp service, which was designed in Poland, is such an innovative solution. See how it makes marking new outlets on maps easier than ever before.

How does the growAp team help businesses tag new outlets on Google Maps?

The growAp team are specialists who have years of experience in managing Business Profiles, web analytics, SEO and handling Google Ads campaigns. We apply this knowledge in the interests of our clients, and with growAp we help to quickly and effectively tag new establishments on Google Maps.

The problem of opening a Business Profile on Google disappears with growAp!

  • The owner of the Business Profile assigns our team the appropriate permissions. This allows us to promote the interests of the company and manage the Google Business Card.
  • We create new Business Profiles for previously unmarked establishments and ensure that they are located in the right place on Google Maps.
  • We verify each of the Profiles created using a method chosen by Google.
  • We ensure that we present attractive content and build a positive image of the company in the eyes of Internet users.
  • In case of problems with the visibility of a business card, we use a special e-mail address to contact Google Support and we continuously monitor whether our requests are fulfilled.
  • We update all Business Profiles belonging to the network regularly and check that they contain reliable and consistent information.

The only factor that is beyond our control is the verification method chosen by Google. Nevertheless, we are well prepared for any possibility.

  • If Support chooses to call or send an SMS/e-mail code, we will verify the Customer Profile before 1 working day.
  • If Support chooses to send a code via postcard, the verification time is a maximum of 15 working days.
  • If Support requests a video or video call with a Google consultant, the exact

In certain situations, our experts ask Support to change the verification method so that the new point appears on the maps even faster.

With growAp, creating new Business Profiles is 100% effective!

Now you know the obstacles that prevented you from opening a Business Profile on Google (formerly a Google business card). As you can see, with growAp it is much easier!

With growAp, verifying new Business Profiles is efficient and takes less time than doing it on your own. Our knowledge and experience help us to choose the right strategies to manage Profiles and react to potential problems in no time. We are confident that growAp is a professional solution that any company using multiple Google Profiles will appreciate.

If you want to use your time and available resources efficiently, then entrust the management of your profiles to professionals. We will be happy to prepare a proposal for cooperation tailored to your industry.


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