Local SEO

Local SEO

Take care of your local positioning

Local SEO is one of the most important strategies for getting organic traffic online, which should be taken care of in order to increase the number of visitors to your website, Google Profile and finally to your permanent premises. By taking action with local positioning, you will increase the visibility of your business on Google maps and search for customers in your local area. This will make your business, together with its high average, good reviews and well-managed Business Profiles, their first choice. Our service will make you show up at the top of local search results!

Grow your business using growAp!

Full control = local seo with GrowAp

Full control

With our application you will gain full control of all your company's Google Profiles. By using one tool, you will be able to administrate your branding centrally and have all your branches' data under your control.

Increased productivity = local seo for small businesses
Większa produktywność = lokalne seo dla małych firm

Increased productivity

Increase the productivity of your team. You will save time* and money that you would have had to invest in expanding your marketing department. You will increase your sales whilst minimising effort, time and therefore money, and you can divert the efforts of your unburdened employees in other directions.

Valuable leads = local seo on Google
Wartościowe leady = seo lokalne w Google

Valuable leads

Well-kept business cards are now the best way available on the market of acquiring calorific and at the same time low-cost sales leads. At little cost, consumers who are genuinely interested in your services and in making a purchase will reach your premises.
*It can take you up to 18h to publish one image on 100 Google Profiles every day, and up to 37h to publish an offer-type post with properly prepared graphics and linking every day!


  • Collective administration panel
  • Bulk publishing of posts and images
  • Analytics
  • Feedback and Q&A management
  • Control over unauthorised user changes
  • Technical and content support
  • Implementation of services and MENUs
  • Integration of Google Profiles with the website and Facebook
  • Measurement of the position of a business card for specific phrases

Get to know the application!

Our app in the medium UP plan is available free of charge for the first month


  • Full control over all Profiles
  • Simplicity of the process
  • Time saving
  • Work efficiency
  • Error eradication
  • Protection against competitive activities and reputational issues
  • Content control
  • Automation of part of the process
  • Access to statistics

Good start. Quick and simple implementation process:


The beginning of any collaboration begins with discussions to identify your company's problems and needs.


We establish the direction of our activities and define the terms and conditions of the cooperation, including, among other things, how we will monitor progress and report on activities.


The purchased version of the application is customised to meet the individual brand's needs so that it meets the objectives we set.


Our team will create a customised account for your company on the app and you provide us with your Google Business Profiles network.


If you only purchased access to our tool, training is provided to your employees.

Safe functioning

One important aspect of the entire process is security in general, which consists of several elements, including: maintaining data security, the physical isolation of data, and ensuring the stability of the application during its use. We have achieved all these components by hosting the application individually for each customer.
This guarantees:
Skalowalność i wydajność z GrowAp

Scalability and performance

By hosting applications on a per client basis, we are able to achieve flexible scalability and better performance. Each application runs on its own machines or resources, allowing us to tailor resources and performance to the particular needs of each customer. If one application uses large amounts of resources, the performance of other applications is not affected.
Bezpieczeństwo i izolacja danych z GrowAp

Security and isolation

Hosting applications on a per-client basis provides greater security and data isolation. Each application has a separate runtime environment, which minimises the risk of data leakage between the clients. Should a problem occur with one application, other applications remain unaffected by the failure or the attack.
Niezależność i konfigurowalność z GrowAp

Independence and customisability

Separate hosting enables customers to have full control over their applications. They can individually customise and configure the application according to their needs, including non-standard features, inter-system integrations or customised security. Each client has full independence from other clients.
Łatwiejsze zarządzanie aplikacjami i skalowanie z GrowAp

Easier management and scaling

Hosting separately makes it easier to manage and scale applications. You can easily monitor and manage each application separately, facilitating performance tracking, problem diagnostics and implementing updates. In addition, as the number of customers grows, you can easily scale individual applications independently to meet increasing demands.
Elastyczność wersji i integracji GrowAp

Version and integration flexibility

Hosting separately allows customers the flexibility to manage application versions and integrations. Each customer can use a specific version of the application or have unique integration requirements. By hosting separately, different versions of the application can be easily managed and independent integrations with other systems can be provided.
Hosting separately for each client offers a number of benefits, such as scalability, performance, security, independence and flexibility, which allow the service to be better tailored to individual needs and provide a better service to customers.

Get in touch with us!

Test the application for free, receive a free audit of your brand's Google Business Profiles and write to us about the problems we can help you with. We will together select the growAp tool features that meet your needs and choose the type of cooperation that is best for you:

1. profile management by our team
and implementation of a tailor-made application

1. profile management by our team
and implementation of a tailor-made application


2. training of your team
and implementation of the tailor-made application

2. training of your team
and implementation of the tailor-made application


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