The growAp app is used by companies that are part of a large and varied range of sectors, including: retail, catering, medicine, finance and banking, parcel vending machines, gyms or petrol and vehicle charging stations.

Each of these, as a result of our cooperation, receives a number of benefits:
  • acquisition of low-cost, hot sales leads
  • increased sales and conversions
  • better local positioning
  • control of your company's visibility on Google maps
  • simple, quick and easy centralised management of reviews
  • reduced marketing department costs
  • saving time and effort


Free organic traffic from Business Profiles can attract 317% of more potential new customers.

Over 130% more transactions from this channel.

Over 140% higher shopping basket value than for CPC campaigns.

Minimising the rejection rate by 18% compared to CPC campaigns.

Medical services

157% increase in visibility for Medical related queries.

122% increase in the number of conversions in the medical industry.

Leasing industry:

350% increase in transaction value from leads due to optimisation.


Learn about the specifics of each sector:


What others think of us


Credit Agricole

Thanks to the growAp tool, we have made significant changes affecting our brand's online presence. We have significantly improved the handling of Google Company Profiles, made the bank's image on the platform more consistent, minimised the risk of erroneous contact data, improved communication with customers and gained a completely new platform for marketing purposes. The use of the tool minimised the time required to perform administrative tasks on the Google platform. Read more



After more than a year of cooperation with growAp, we can in good conscience recommend their services to anyone who values high quality, reliability, business partnership and tailoring the offer to the customer's needs. The unquestionable advantage of working with such experienced specialists is the security, transparency and cost-effectiveness of the entire process. Joint goal-setting, efficient communication and constant professional service make us feel 100% taken care of and it is a pleasure to see the results of their work.



We were prompted to use growAp's services by the results the company achieved for the KFC chain. The beginning of our cooperation was an audit, through which the problems we faced were identified and the objectives to be achieved were set. From the very beginning of this collaboration, we felt that we were dealing with experts in the field of running Google Company Profiles. Structured processes, great knowledge, well-thought-out actions and, above all, results visible after the first weeks of work. We wish us all such business partners!


Get in touch with us!

Test the application for free, receive a free audit of your brand's Google Business Profiles and write to us about the problems we can help you with. We will together select the growAp tool features that meet your needs and choose the type of cooperation that is best for you:

1. profile management by our team
and implementation of a tailor-made application

1. profile management by our team
and implementation of a tailor-made application


2. training of your team
and implementation of the tailor-made application

2. training of your team
and implementation of the tailor-made application


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