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Credit Agricole

A bank with more than 20 years of experience on the Polish market, covering the areas of retail, corporate, agricultural and small and medium-sized business banking. One of the most highly recommended banks in Poland. It is a client conscious and committed to the development of Profiles, devoting considerable attention to its presence on the Google platform.


EuroMediCare is an international network of hospitals and outpatient clinics of Penta Hospitals International, which belongs to the EMC Group. One cluster includes 1 specialist hospital and 10 outpatient clinics. The company provides medical care of the highest quality and is committed to professional patient care.


KFC is a chain of fast food restaurants that is famous for its chicken dishes and side dishes. Thousands of guests pass through each of its more than 300 locations in Poland every day. The chain has restaurants with different concepts, including drive-thru and those with delivery. has a network of 7 boutiques selling branded watches and accessories, where customers with different budgets can benefit from professional advice and top-quality service. The company also sells online.


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