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for individual pricing
the ideal package to get you started, including basic functionality to efficiently manage your Google Business Profiles network
for individual pricing
Plan expanded with basic analytics, selective content publishing options and 2 hours of content support
for individual pricing
A package ideal for marketing teams of large companies, enhanced with advanced Profile management options and analytics

Collective administration panel

access to all Profiles in a single place
change of name, hours, web link on all sites simultaneously

Monitoring of unauthorised changes

e-mail alerts for new images and average decrease
automatic blockage of unwanted, incorrect changes

Publishing posts

creation of posts from within the application
scheduling posts
possibility of selective choice of profiles (all, selected or random)
editing and deleting of added posts - all or selected ones (change of graphics, correction of content or link for the whole group of posts)

Photo publishing

possibility of instant publishing in the gallery of a photo from any category or of scheduling publication in advance
change of logo or cover on all profiles
publication of a selected photo on selected profiles
adding descriptions to photos, which will be visible in the gallery (option available only in the growAp application)

Feedback management

clear box for feedback management
possibility to respond to opinions on various sites
possibility to generate an xls report of opinions with content to be verified by the user
access to useful statistics on opinions and Google ratings
dynamic notification of a new opinion on a given profile
option to respond intelligently or automatically to starred and content-based reviews

Q&A management

transparent question management box
possibility to respond centrally to questions raised on different sites

Integration of Google Profiles into the website

data changes on the website (times, addresses) are loaded directly onto Google Maps - to be entered after contact

Google Profiles integration into Facebook

possibility to change opening hours with a single click on both Facebook and Google Profile

MENU implementation

possibility to publish the menu for the entire network
possibility to publish the menu on selected outlets
possibility of simultaneous addition of category, name, description of the dish and its price

Implementation of services

possibility to publish services for the entire network
possibility to add different services per location or part of a location
possibility to add name, description and price at the same time


measurement of the position of a business card for a selected phrase
evaluation report
history of your rating - daily average
automatic generation of PDF reports
possibility to export xls reports


continuous technical support
regular software updates
technical support - 2 hours per month included in the price

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Test the application for free, receive a free audit of your brand's Google Business Profiles and write to us about the problems we can help you with. We will together select the growAp tool features that meet your needs and choose the type of cooperation that is best for you:

1. profile management by our team
and implementation of a tailor-made application

1. profile management by our team
and implementation of a tailor-made application


2. training of your team
and implementation of the tailor-made application

2. training of your team
and implementation of the tailor-made application


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